Reiki is a technique used for stress reduction, help with anxiety, and as an aid in physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. “Rei” meaning God, Spirit, Higher Power and “Ki” meaning life force energy, Reiki literally translates to ‘Spiritually guided life force energy’. When experienced, it can feel like a light illuminating you inside and out. Many people have found that it helps lift their spirits and they walk away from a session feeling lighter and ready to move forward in life and healing.

Sessions typically last around an hour and may include crystal therapy, use of a pendulum to aid in the clearing of chakras, and oracle cards. When you are open to the healing, Reiki will flow through you and to the place or places where it is needed most.

Contact me to learn how Reiki can fit into your life and help you on the path to healing inside and out.

*Fee: $45/half hour session – $75/hour session*

*Gift certificates available*

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