Placenta Services

  • Encapsulation – raw or steamed preparation – you choose! Steamed follows the notion of the Traditional Chinese Method; adding heat back into the body for healing. The placenta is steamed with healing foods such as jalapeno, lemon, and ginger, then dehydrated for the capsules.
  • Tincture – A great, long lasting hormonal aid. Alcohol based. When stored properly can last indefinitely.
  • Prints – Made using the natural blood from the placenta. Can also be ‘painted’. All prints will be made on acid-free artists paper. They will be allowed to dry, sprayed with a sealant to aid in longevity, and delivered to you in an envelope for protection.
  • Cord Keepsake – a beautiful memory that can be included in the baby book, a keepsake box, or to bury ceremonially. The heart shape symbolizes the loving bond between mother and child. A unique, custom dreamcatcher can also be created.
  • Salve – a lovely, healing salve made with organic medicinal herb infused coconut & olive oils, beeswax, and shea butter.

*Fee: $325*

*Includes consultation, pick up & delivery* 

*Please contact for payment plans, packages, and any questions!*

*Gift certificates available!*

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