New Mother Blessings

What is it? A New Mother Blessing provides an opportunity for women to gather and form a circle of support and love for the new mother.

What happens at one? There are all sorts of fun activities for us to do! Women will have the opportunity to create an affirmation flag to be part of a banner hung for the mother during labor, a flower crown for each attendant, share a poem or reading (song lyrics, quote, letter, etc) personally chosen/written for the mother and participate in a crystal circle and support necklace ceremony.

So as the New Mother what will I take away from this? Well there are the tangible items such as your flower crown, support necklace, affirmation banner and personally chosen crystals. But what we are really creating is a beautiful circle of love, hope and support for you and your new venture into motherhood.

How long does it last? The gathering is typically around 3 hours. This allows time for visiting, snacking, creating and sharing. I will be there before the start time to set up as well as afterwards to help clean up.

What do I need to do/provide? The first step is to contact HeartShine Doula and set your date! Then invite your circle of women (I can help with verbiage for invitations). As far as food goes, I’ve found that a potluck is great way to get women involved. Let them help create the circle! All the materials needed for the affirmation banner, crystals, support necklace and flower crowns will be provided.

Creating an affirmation banner
Specially chosen crystals as well as a wire wrapped quartz for the support necklace
A beautiful circle of friends
The glowing Mama to be

*Fee: $250*

*Please contact for payment plans, packages, and any questions!*

*Gift certificates available!*

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